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Do you wish you knew a great trainer with clients that rave about their results?

Do you struggle with unwanted weight?
Do you wish you had someone to push you or your child to get faster, stronger, and more athletic?
Tired of over crowded and super high maintenance gyms?
Are you looking to build a strong relationship with a world class trainer?
If you said YES, then you need to sign up today for a free workout with one of our certified trainers.

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Tip Top Tykes Ages: 8-12 years

Here we lay the foundation of athletic movement starting with fundamental. We teach proper angles from which they can be built upon to increase efficiency and effectiveness. It is a group environment driven class.

Tip Top Athletes Ages: 13+ years

Here we promote athletic effectiveness and efficiency through proper movement and strength training. We use research based methods and approach strength training through athletic movement and postures. Although it is a group driven environment, it is still individually paced. We focus on increasing explosiveness and efficiency to be effective.

Tip Top Fitness: Adults

Here we focus on decreasing fat and increasing strength through fundamental movement patterns. If you move and feel better, then you will move often.
I am NSCA CSCS and CPT certified with a bachelor’s in BIS with an emphasis in Nutrition Education, Health Promotion, and Health Science.  I am also a Certified Speed and Agility Coach.  I was the Director of Sports Performance at UVU and decided to venture into the private sector.  I wanted the freedom to share my knowledge and talents with many more and especially with the youth.  My passion is helping people achieve their goals using movement and strength.  In the athletic world, movement efficiency is key.  I am also a husband to a wonderful mother and wife.  We have 5 wonderful kids together.  4 boys and 1 girl.

Nate Tuatagaloa

Founder and Head Trainer

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